Yesterday was one of the most soul healing days I could of had.  For mother's day, I had my family up to our new house for the first time.  It felt soooo good to have all of my people in my house filling it up with laughter and life.  There were five little kids there and they had lots of fun and filled up the house with jibberish and giggles, it was so cute.  It meant so much to me to have everyone here.

And the best part was seeing this adorable little face below.  This is Aiden, my brothers son.  I wont go into details, but he is in the middle of trying to get custody of him and is currently guardian of him full time.  It had been well over half a year or more since Ive seen him, and he just melted my heart.  He was so happy and had so much fun playing with the other kids, and gave us all so much love.  We all missed him so much, and really really hope he gets to stay with my brother and our family.

Since the last time I saw him he has grown quite a little personality.  He loved getting his picture taken and was making all kinds of silly faces, and then insisted on seeing each photo after it was taken.  It was so cute.

My best friend Shelley and her family came and joined us.  She looked so beautiful in this amazing vintage dress she found at goodwill.  I wish I would have gotten more photos of it.  She is seriously the prettiest girl in the world to me.

The kids played a little softball in the yard, and Aiden was so patient when it wasnt his turn.  And he was so delighted and jumped up and down with his arms in the air when any of the kids hit the ball.  So sweet.

I am so happy for my brother right now.  It is such a special time for him.  Big changes are happening, and I hope all for the better.

I feel so blessed to have such a loving family.  We never ever argue with one another.  And we all know that any of us would be there for each other in a time of need in a heartbeat.  You cant beat that.