Life, Dessert, Kitty Love & Thanks Yous....

First of all, I want to give another shoutout to Leah of Sookie Says for sending me these amazing vintage butterfly squares.  I cant wait to figure out what I want to make with them.  They are so perfectly sweet and me.  Such an amazing gift, thank you Leah.  And a sweet little orange lace and button headband she made, just darling!

Last week I got a random idea to make banana dessert (kind of for dinner, shhhhh)... It was soooo yummy!  

bananas (slightly fried in a skillet)
peanut butter
cacoa powder (optional)
a glass of milk (a must)

serve hot!

And, we got our new dining room table in!!!  So we ate our dessert as our first meal together at the table.  And honestly we dont sit at it for dinner.  Its just not our style.  But its really come in handy with company and for drawing ideas out!  As you can see, we dont have chairs for it yet.  I stole the bench from another desk for now.

I just had to leave you with this uber precious photo of Bella.  We bring Violet's outside chair in when it rains so it doesnt get all smelly and Bella just loves it.  She gets on top of it and gets all sorts of frisky.  So cute.
Is she seriously not the cutest kitty in all of the world?

Right before bed last night we found another scorpion inside, in the bedroom!  Everytime I woke up last night the first thing I thought of was scorpion...  And this morning has already been eventful... I went outside to see what Violet was barking at to find her playing with a deer on the other side of the fence.  At least I think they were playing, or getting to know one another.  She was soooo excited.  I had to bring her in though b/c she would not settle down or stop barking.  And the deer scared me just a bit.  It had a bit of drool hanging out of its mouth, and Im not sure if it was just b/c it was excited or if it was sick.  It is still outside waiting for Violet to come back out and play.

As for the rest of the day, work, house cleaning and dentist are on the list.  fun huh?