My Favorite Pinafore Jumper...

The other day I wore my adorable deer jumper.  It's still one of my favorite jumper's Ive ever made.  Not only is it so cute, it's soooo comfy.  And I love the relaxed feel of these jumpers when paired with a t-shirt and converse.

Yesterday afternoon was perfectly spent with two of our best friends, scouting out one of our river accesses in our new neighborhood.  I must go back down their with my camera.  It is way more amazing than I ever could have imagined.  It started of with a winding little rock step pathway leading down a cliff to the river.  One you get down there, there is a rock picnic table, a firepit and flat platform to hang out on.  And even a rope swing, even though the water is way too low for such fun yet!  We trucked down the river quite a ways and found some amazing cliffs.  I was so excited to see tons of swallows nests built on the cliffs!  I want to do a cool photoshoot there so bad.  The whole thing was beyond perfect.  And since its part of our community, it is not accessable to the public, so its super private!  A great day with friends.  And finally today we are seeing some much much needed rain!!!