One Happy Day...

Today, I am a happy girl.
  • i did a home decor project i have been wanting to do since we knew we were buying a house!  and... im excited to be sharing it as a DIY in a few days!
  • my boy took me on a mini date today.  as silly as it may seem, it was to Bandera (the town we live in) just to walk around and get coffee.
  • i actually found a super cute dress at the sorry excuse for a craft show our town holds.
  • i had a good hair day
  • which made me feel good enough to put on a girly dress
  • james and i have been so sweet to each other all day
  • i found out my nanna & sabe are coming to my house tomorrow
  • which also means i am making homeade green chicken enchiladas tomorrow, yum!
  • i had an a moment of clarity as a designer today.  in a flash, i dreamt of the pretty jewelry line i have always wanted to create, i sketched out ideas, and i executed 3 pieces.  the feeling i get when that happens is the very reason i love being an artist.  when it strikes, its like a hurricane, and its beautiful!

getting ready to go on our 'date'.

it was sooooo hot today, we gave violet some extra special water with heart ice cubes!

are they not the two cutest things you have ever seen???

the beautiful dress i found.  james loves it as much as i do, which always makes me feel prettier when i know he loves it.

I am going to be working on a body of work with this new line before I launch it.  And as far as I am thinking right now, it deserves its own shop, so I may be opening a new one just for this line.  Im already dreaming of the styling and design behind it all.  It sort of ties into a project I started over a year ago and was never able to make it a reality due to being too busy.  The timing feels just right now.   But dont worry, Violet Bella is not going anywhere.  In fact I have several new pieces already made & photographed just waiting to be uploaded.

And... Im extending my facebook/twitter sale to blog followers as well, get 20% anything in my entire shop through monday, by using the code MEMDAY2011 at checkout.