Our Nest... Part One

 My office is really just an extension of our living room.  Which is exactly what I wanted b/c I can sit here and work and still be super close to James while he is on the computer or playing a game.  It makes feel much more at home to have my primary work spot in the open and not tucked away in a back room.  

I love that I have enough space to hang my big painting.  And I have my record player set up right in front of the office so my music is close.  And I get to look at my amazing macrame owl while I work now!  I put out my three favorite albums on display... Neil Young, The Rolling Stones & Janis Joplin.  They are my three favorite vinyls to look at, not my top three favorite records, although they are up there :)

 I think the wall in my office with the collage of artwork is my favorite wall in the house.  It makes my heart so happy.  There are some super special pieces, among some of my wood blocks, a friends photo, my mom's wooden sun, dried roses, a feather and a piece of drift wood.

 And my quick fix to cover up the back of the ugly desk was fabric and doilies.  Im sure this will change over time constantly.