Rain, Ikea & Life...

We had our first rainy day here in Texas the other day.  It was almost unreal, even with a cold front!  We had to wear sweaters!!!  It was much needed.  Violet did not even want to come inside, she enjoyed it as well!

We went to Ikea with James parents to get a sewing table.  Gosh I could spend a fortune their if I could.  LOVE THAT PLACE!  His parents had never been and they loved it too!

James got up and put my new shelf/desk together for me the next morning.  He is such a good help!

I put some random stuff on it just for now... my sewing room still needs to be put together.  But this is going to be the biggest help ever!  A real sewing desk with storage!!!

Im currently working on new orders for Ruche, which is keeping me very busy behind the scenes.

And eating Nutella while I do so :)

Im super excited to have my family up to our house for the first time for mother's day this weekend.  Ive never ever had my family up for a holiday before where I live, it really makes me happy to be able to do so.  I only wish James parents didnt have to work so they could be here too.  But luckily, they have been a huge part of helping us, and come over often.

The next few days I will really be trying to get my house all together, so I may be able to do a home tour very soon!  We have been here just over two weeks, and it feels so much like home, like we have been here forever.