A thrifting date leads to a...

Yesterday James and I had a thrifting date.  We went to Kerrville to go to some of our favorite thrift shops and get coffee at our favorite coffee shop, Spirit Wind Java.  From the start of the day, it seemed destined to be doomed, from dealing with our internet issues, and then James dropped his phone and it stopped working.  So we had to make a pit stop at Sprint.  So far we have only had horrible experiences with the people who work at sprint, at least in the city.  We dread going in there.  But much to our surprise, everyone in Kerrville was so super nice and extremely helpful.  So not only did we get james phone fixed, and got alot of questions answered about our internet, i got a new phone!  My upgrade had been up for over a year but I hesitated on spending the money.  But they had super great limited deals with in store rebates and such, so I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade with the rest of the world to a smart phone.  Im a bit behind the times I guess.  So now, I get to take my own photos instead of always having to steal James phone!  This is going to be great!  Im so excited.  So when we got home, I kind of took photos of everything on our porch.  It was like Id never had a camera before, ha ha, so funny.  I have a bunch of my moms old planting pots, and some mosaiced ones...

(oh, and i got a Doors tshirt at a thrift shop for .49 cents, SCORE!)

This is the view from our back porch.  Behind our fence there is a whole line of trees that separates us from the other street.  Im hoping and praying no one comes along and builds back there.  Someone owns the land to come up and camp on for now, and that is just fine with me!

My mom's sun broke during the move, and I just cant bare to throw it away.  James actually was the one that brought it over here to keep it.  So sweet.  I still love it, even if it is just half of a sun.

Um... I need some dirt!!!

Bella absolutely loves sprawling out on the porch.  She goes outside now most mornings with Violet and plays outside for quite a while.  I love that she is able to spend so much time outdoors now.  She was limited to a concrete porch at the old house b/c we were right in town.

This is me, right now.  Just woke up.  Coffee in hand.  Wearing my favorite PPP pj pants & a thermal.  Getting ready to start my day.