When a shake is more than just a shake...

Here comes a very random ramble... As you know, I have been working lately on this new line of jewelry/home goods, Roots and Feathers, and I think the creative process of it is also doing some creative processing of my soul.  And honestly without me knowing until today.  Im sure this is true for everyone, but I know that I personally go through ebs and flows of times when I feel very connected to the earth, and times where I feel a bit more distant.  And it seems when I begin to stray too far away, the universe has a way of pulling me back in and reminding me of what lies beneath the surface.  Lately I have been missing my mother alot, with her birthday coming up... and with being in my new house that she cannot be here to see.  So my emotions are a bit on the fragile side right now b/c of that.  And usually during those times, I start yearning for something, and never quite know what it is that Im yearning for.  I start reminiscing of past times, friends gone bye, and times that my soul felt free.  *dont get me wrong, im very happy right now in life*  Its just an overall feeling I get quite often.  

I suppose where the new line comes in, is that it has got me thinking about my roots, and the whole reasoning behind this line.  So yesterday, I got a call from my dad inviting me to go to the folk festival with him.  I had been wanting to go this year, so my reaction completely dumbfounded me, but I got really funny and cried and totally emotional getting ready to go.  I felt like I didnt want to go and I couldnt figure out why.  It was the weirdest thing.  And James could not go, b/c he had to work the next morning, so I scared him too.  But now that I am thinking back on it, I think I know the reason why.  I have got myself into such a place where I am home all of the time working, and when Im not, Im with James.  If I go anywhere, we go together, which I adore.  But I think its made me a bit shy again about going out into the world, especially over crowded places without him.  But once I got there and settled in for a while, I was reminded why I love that place so much.  You can just be.  Walk around barefoot, wear anything you want and just relax.  People there are just there to love and enjoy themselves.  I watched girls hula hoop, which reminded me about my passion for it, which made me break it out again this morning.  Which made me feel good and in turn want to make a healthy shake.  That is why this post is about a shake, but not really about a shake at all.  which all brings me back to things in my heart that i love and feel passionate about, but somehow lost along the way...

I have been gently reminded again by the universe, that we are on a journey, to learn and open up to this world in our own ways, and sometimes we need a little guidance, and its always there if we listen and allow it to happen.  This may make no sense at all to anyone who is reading this, but it makes perfect sense to me.

And if you are curious, this shake includes: odwalla orange juice, mineral water, mangos, bananas, frozen acai juice, bluberries, dandelion, spinach, sunflower sprouts & a dash of milk.  And it is super yummy :)