Feeling loved...

Yesterday I founded myself flooded with love from people.  Made me realize that those bad apples that seem to come up in my life from time to time are nothing compared to all of the amazing people I have found in my life, at home and on the internet.  I feel very blessed to have made some of the connections I have in my life.  

I received these very good smelling incense from an online friend yesterday.  They smell yummy and she had them packaged up so lovely.  And the words written inside this card I will cherish forever.  Thank you Hillary.

My bestie recently took a two week trip to California and brought me back these rocks and shells from the beach.  I love them.  Reminds me so much of my mom.  And she also scored an amazing collection of vinyls the other day and gave me a few, including my favorite Neil Young album.  I cant wait to get a frame and showcase the inside artwork in my house! 

A super sweet girl named Taibi sent me this wonderful little leather pouch that reminded her of me.  I think it is just precious.  And a while back she also sent me the amazing little art piece below.  She is definitely a talented girl

These were actually birthday gifts from a special friend.  I was pretty overwhelmed with her thoughtfulness in these gifts.  This amazing cookie jar is from the 60's, and no telling how old the singer embroidery is.  I am just enamored with them.  There were also a few other goodies in there.  Thank you Staci, you are indeed a sweetheart.

Thank you girls for your amazing hearts and thoughtfulness.  I feel it.