Makes My Heart Sing - a silent calling

Oh my, its been a while since Ive done a Makes My Heart Sing Monday post.  Today felt like an appropriate day to express my feelings through art I find moving.  The past few days Ive been down with the blues, missing my mother terribly, and just not feeling well.  If I had the energy, all I really would want to do is sit by a lake and watch the sun hit the water, or walk through the woods and gather feathers and sticks.  That is the kind of mood Im in.  Nothing wrong with that, just a bit solitary.  So for now, Ill do it vicariously through photographs and listening to Buffalo Springfield on vinyl.

1. This photo explains how I feel to the t.  Not only that, but it is a gorgeous photo.  I imagine the window is cracked and there is a breeze blowing on her, and she can feel just a bit of warmth from the sun peaking through.  (found here.)

2.  If you know me at all, you know Neil Young is just about my favorite musician.  And his music is just about the best to listen to when you are feeling low down.  Or when you get that feeling that you just want to hit the road and travel, its a good listen.  Anytime really though.  (image found here.)

3.  If I knew a place like this, Id be there.  I could sit here all day and daydream.  Write.  Read.  Listen.  Love this image.  (found here.)

4.  This makes me wanna go on a walk, collect feathers, and bring them home for my little antique bottle collection of my mothers.  I still have a few without feathers in them.  This is simply a gorgeous photo,  Id love to hang this on my wall.  (found here.)

5.  wishing our water around us was swimable this summer.  It is so dry here the river is just stagnant.  Gorgeous photo of a beautiful moment.  (found here.)

6.  Ive always loved this photo.  I dont know how many times I have favorited it on etsy.  Everytime I see it I just want to get lost in these woods.  Such an amazing capture.  (her shop.)

7.  Beautiful photo.  love the wind in  her hair and the overall tones of the photo.  (found here.)

8.  There is probably nothing more I would love to be doing right now than this.  And nothing Id love to do to my own backyard more than this.  Simply A-mazing.  (found here, not sure of the original source)

9.  This is just a lovely photo.  Again, the feeling of gathering nature that lays inside me right now.  Just adore.  (does anyone know the original source?  please let me know if so)

10.  Again, this looks perfect to me right now.  My head is all spacy with daydreams like this.  (found here.)

I think I need to find the energy to take this emotional energy and turn it into something creative today.  That is usually the best way for me to release during these times.  They come and go like the wind.  But I honestly enjoy when they are here.  Not that I want to feel sad, but in a way it makes me feel closer to my mom.  And it makes me feel more alive in a sense b/c it gets me feeling to my core, in a raw way that you do not feel on most days when you are just happily going through your daily routines.  Bob Dylan's lyric 'behind every beautiful thing, there's been some kind of pain' keeps playing in the back of my mind.  A very true lyric.