Midnight in paris...

Last night I went on my date with my bestie, Shelley, to the Bijou, and we watched Midnight In Paris.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I didnt know anything about the movie going into it except who the main two characters were, who I both adore.  Anyone who fancies art and literary history as well as the roaring twenties, you must go see it!  And Owen Wilson is just adorable and funny as always.  Along with the movie, I had a greek pizza and a shiner.  Perfect night, and I couldnt thank my sweet friend enough for taking me out!

What I wore:
my favorite earrings from Lost Boys and Lovers
my favorite 4 bracelets from Flourish
a feather bottle necklace from Roots and Feathers that I kept
two tank tops from Forever 21
skinny jeans from Target
thrifted mocs

James helped me download a few more camera apps for my phone, so I had fun playing around with the effects.  Im pretty much in love.

And when James got home from work yesterday, he laid on the floor with Violet for some snuggles and it was just so precious.  She usually gets too excited when you lay down with her and gets up, but she just laid with him and rubbed her head on him, it was darling.  She does it all the time with me, but she is a momma's girl :)  So it made James really happy!

Todays agenda:  fill etsy orders.  clean house.  take care of some business at the bank.  order a few shirts for skyline fever.  organize my jewelry station.  put together blog giveaways.  have a friend over this evening.

This should keep me pretty busy.  Right now, all I want to do is fill my day up with things I must do, and keep my mind off of my emotional life as much as possible.  Its almost an impossible task, but it helps.