Pieces of home that make me smile...

Little random things around my house that have made me smile this week.  I have been reminding myself of these little things, as tiny as they may be, they are the little pieces that make me feel at home.  Most of my special feathers were ones that my mother had collected throughout her life, and many of them are very old.  They hold such a special place for me.  I dont remember where the little yellow one came from, but I think it is just precious.

This little birdie teacup is from Anthropologie.  We have two of them and the little saucers that go with them.  James and I bought these together towards the beginning of our relationship.  They are super special to both of us.  James is really cute about things like this.  They are equally special to him.  About once a year we go to Anthropologie to pick out something special together.  Usually its a pair of something that matches. 

This amazing print was on my birthday wishlist, and my aunt lisa (my mom's sister) surprised me with it!  I cant wait to find the perfect frame for it.  The artist is amazing.  Im. so. in. love.

And this adorable print was gifted to me from the lovlies at Ruche.  You can find it in their shop here.  It was so sweet of them to send this to me during my time of sadness.  They are such a special company, not just pretty close, but people full of heart.

And Im so excited to have this book in my hands.  The long awaited FPOE (female photographers of etsy) book, Still, was published and released recently.  This is their second edition, and I am soooo honored to have two photographs published in it.  It is a large collection of very talented photographers throughout etsy.  The theme of this book is so lovely and calming.  At first I was bummed I was never going to see it in person b/c its quite expensive, but my other aunt (not a blood aunt but might as well be b/c she is so amazing to me), Karen, surprised me with it!  It is so so pretty.  If you want a beautiful book to grace your coffee table, look no further.  You can find different editions here, soft and hardcover.

Bella has decided lately that she loves this spot.  She gets up here and just stares out the window, its quite precious.  She has been quite the lap kitty lately, which makes me happy. 

And I must say, the rainbows I spoke of in my earlier post, they used to only come every so often, now they are here every day filling up my whole house.  It is amazing.