Things around the house...

This morning Im sharing images Ive captured on my phone throughout the past week or so.  I have about 100 I could share, so for now, here are just a few.  These are mostly wonderful moments in between all of the work that has gone on.  I had a heavy work load this past week, but accomplished so much!  

I also wanted to say to my friends and family out there who may be reading this, I have been internalizing my feelings a bit more about my dad lately.  I guess its the different waves of emotions you go through when grieving.  So far I have shared so much so openly, I think a part of me wants to take those feelings within a bit more and work things out in my head.  I havent felt much like talking on the phone to anyone, especially those of you who I havent yet had a conversation about my dad with.  I think I relived it so much in the first few weeks Im wanting to lay off it a bit with others.  I will share again as the time feels right.  Please just dont take it personal if I have not called you back yet.  I just need some time in this area.  And know that this season will change, and I will feel back to being a social butterfly eventually...


loving every day these pretty flowers are still alive that James brought me.
I received this adorable pic of miss Leena in the mail and was so delighted to hang it on my fridge!
I read more of my Post Secret book on the way to town.  Does anyone have this book?  Its incredible to peek into the dark corners of peoples minds.
I received this adorable beanie and the necklace below (along with a precious painting) from Rachael of Talk to the Trees.  She is an incredible girl with a heart of gold and the soul of a fairy.  Love her.
For about 5 minutes the other day we got an incredible storm!  It poured down rain out of nowhere and the trees were just swaying back and forth!  We were actually scared they might just root out of the ground and fall over b/c the ground has been sooooo dry.  It was amazing!
James and his daddy and a friend worked so hard for several hours the other day tearing down some trees in our yard.  It was a necessary move in order to bring a shed onto the land.  Plus it was a cluster of cedar trees that were choking out an oak tree, so no it can thrive again.  I was so proud of all of their hard work.  And is that not the cutest pic of James and his daddy's butt, ha ha!  He is going to hate me for posting this :)

Bella watching the rain
Bella and Violet hanging out together.  They usually are on the rug at different times, so its so cute when they are chillin together.  They both curl up on the blanket, I love it.  This is the only place in the house Violet can play chew toy b/c the floors are so slick here.  So its basically their play mat :)
James snuck a pic of me and Violet sitting on the porch in the morning with our coffee, watching the birds and the morning sun peek through the trees.
This has been what my jewelry room has looked like for weeks!  With so much work in there, I just cant keep it clean. 
I have squeezed in some work out time, which includes hooping.  Im still no good at it, but I do love it.  I mostly just love hooping to the feel of music.
Nico has been a little chirping fool.  I here him right now playing with his bell.  I love when he sits up on his little painting.  So cute!
James has been playing guitar everyday.  I love it.  He has been writing lots of new melodies and is going through alot of his old stuff and re-writing some.  Im so glad he has found this inspiration again.
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