Violet, Obella & Roots and Feathers...

Today Violet got to be a free dog for the first time in two months!!!  She did great at her check up and they gave her the okay to be outside a bit off the leash.  For those of you who are fairly new to reading, she had heartworms, and has been on medication and house bound for two months now.  She came through like a pro.  No doubt that all of your prayers were heard.  She sure had so much love shown to her when I first posted about it here.

When we went to the post office today (with my 19 packages to mail in hand) I was so happy to get my Obella Organics headwraps in the mail.  We had a wonderful trade with each other.  You can see her recent post wearing her Violet Bella scarf tank, and both her and her two precious little girls wearing VB braided headbands.  So so darling.  This girl is a true gem in this world.  I love her morals and the way she lives her life and raises her family.  Such an amazing woman.  So... onto my headwraps from her.  I LOVE them.  I got two different colors, one short and one long.  This is the long one.  Im excited about all of the different ways I can wear it.  Today, I wore it sort of like a messy turban/bun wrap.  I wear my hair up alot when I dont want to mess with it, so this worked perfectly!  Im planning on using this long wrap as a belt and as a scarf this fall.

Also, today I worked on a batch of new earrings for my Roots and Feathers line.  They are single (solo) earrings and are tassel like with vintage trims and such, and beads, and some have feathers.  Ive had these dreamt up in my head since I first made my necklaces in the shop with the fabric strips.  They are some of my favorites.  And Im kind of obsessed right now with single earrings.  Im pretty much in love.  I think these are going to be a staple in my fall wardrobe.

On another note, I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your comments on my last post.  So many people took so much time and heart and thought into your words you left me, and so many of them left me with tears rolling down my cheeks.  I am moved, literally, moved, by the kindness I have received from people I have never met, all across the globe.  Thank you for allowing me to have this space online as my safe place to share my soul.  It has truly been a huge part of my healing process.  I think I would be in a much different state if I was not able to share these things openly.  Honestly, blogging has allowed me to really find myself in a way.  Writing out my thoughts on a daily basis, really keeps me in touch with what is real in my life, and being able to go back and look at the posts I have written, have sort of allowed me to grow within myself more.  Does anyone else feel that way? 

Why not leave you with a song...