Bird Watching >>>

One thing I love love love about our new house is how close I am to our wildlife outside.  At our house in town we still had alot of birdies around, but never close enough to get photos of them.  We have two areas set up in the backyard for them to play in, and they come everymorning and evening to feed, get some water and play.  This gorgeous cardinal mom and pop below have been hanging out in the feeder outside my studio window.  Im so glad we hung it up there, now I can watch them while I work!  The other day I saw a bright orange bird, but it flew off before I could capture.  Im waiting for the day it returns when I have my camera in hand.  It was sooooo amazing!  I definitely have a deep spot in my heart for these little feathered creatures.  I feel so blessed to have them around me.

And these little guys come everyday to steal away the birdies food, little rascals.  Violet loves chasing them, but they are way too quick and nimble for her.  I caught this one sprawled out on the bird bath the other day, just hanging out for a long time.  I think it was cool on his belly.  All of these pics were taken through the window from inside the house.  I scare them away when I open the door...

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