Fabric Wrapped Bangle >>> DIY Tutorial

Here is a super easy and simple DIY on how to make fabric wrapped bangles (like I wore in my previous outfit post).  I have another one I made a long time ago that I wear on a very regular basis.  I was recently gifted these wooden bangles, so I immediately wanted to make more.  Its almost so simple that you dont really need a tutorial, but just in case...

<< Supplies you will need >>
 wooden bangle
fabric strips or ribbon trim (or get creative)
hot glue gun

<< step one >>
hot glue one end of your fabric strip to the inside of your bangle, preferably at a slight angle in the direction you are going to wrap.

<< step 2 >>
start and then continue to wrap the bangle around the whole bracelet.  as you are wrapping you can re-enforce with little dabs of hot glue on the inside, under your fabric.  You dont need to on each wrap around, just a few here and there.  Also, as you are wrapping make sure to keep it tight, and going at the same angle to create the same space difference in your pattern.  (unless of course you want it to be a bit uneven and unpredictable, which is just as cool).

<< step 3 >>
Cut your fabric to be just long enough to wrap the end part around to the inside of the bangle.  Just like you did when you started, apply hot glue, and then flatten out your fabric on it.  If you miss the corners you can always add a bit more.

And there is your bracelet.  You can play with adding more than one fabric together to create an interesting pattern play.  For my fabric I choose here, I ripped my strips instead of cutting them so that the edges would remain raw like you see.  If you are not sure how to do this, all you need to do is to start a slight cut with your scissors in line of where you want your fabric to be cut, and then hold each side of the fabric in your hands and tear it apart.  You will hear a nice 'rip' sound as you do so. 

I love these wooden bangles b/c they are usually big enough for my to wear high up on my arm.  But I also love this look of adding two contrasting ones together.  Just a fun easy way for you to accessorize your outfits specifically to your personal liking!  Have fun, and send me a photo if you make one!