A mini risk challenge...

Yesterday we had to wake up early to go to the city to take James car in for a recall, go visit his brother at the hospital & go grocery shopping. I surprised myself by getting ready early enough to look decent AND actually snap some pics before walking out the door. All before 8:30 is a BIG deal for me. This outfit was the comfiest casual outfit. I enjoyed wearing it all day long.  Lately Ive been trying to take mini risks in outfits - things I love but dont normally wear - like this hat for instance.  I love love love hats, but everytime I have worn one I always take it off before I leave.  It just always feels funny.  But once I allowed myself to get over it, I LOVE it!!!  And another one is the color of my shirt.  As silly as that is, I have certain colors that I tend to stick to.  Do you do that?  And green is not one of them, well this shade at least.  I normally go for retro greens like olive and avacodo... But Im so glad I took another mini risk b/c I love this color on me.  (Im hoping I feel the same way with Red Velvet's dress when it arrives, blue is another color not on my normal list).  I encourage you to take this little challenge with me, even in the tiniest of ways.  Its amazing how it can change your perspective.

*I have a super easy DIY coming soon to make this bangle above*

Im sure you noticed the uh-mazing necklace Im wearing above!!!  I recently did a lovely trade with my sponsor Blessed Bee Apothecary and I could not be any happier!  She was sweet enough to even send along another necklace just because!  I adore them both so much, so completely up my alley!  She has a lovely shop, go check her out!

Time to go obsessively clean my house & start re-vamping my studio to make it more organized and creative in there for an exciting upcoming project!!!  Im over the moon!