The perfect dress for a date night with my bestie...

Two nights ago I had a date night with my bestie. We were going to go see a friend play her music, but decided it was too late for us old ladies... So we went to our local wine bar instead. I ate my weight in cheese and prosciutto & drank a tall dunkel. Yum. We laughed alot and just had a pleasant evening. I love that girl to no end. I wish I had gotten photos of us but I didnt. But here is the outfit I wore. I had not had a chance to wear this lovely dress from Ruche since I got it (a while back)... 

 <<< outfit details >>>
dress: ruche
belt: ruche
moccasins: PPP vintage
owl ring: made by me
knuckle ring: forever 21

and just for fun...

I have spent all morning working on my first Roots and Feathers order for Threadsence, which I am super stoked to merge the two.  I think it is going to be a perfect union.  And after my daily date with the post office, and picking up my furrball from the vet, Ill be starting to gut my jewelry studio and prep it for all new furniture.  Im hoping I have the stamina for the rest of the day...  Time for a good lunch break now.