Behind the scenes >>>

Behind the scenes in camera shots...  I just dont think Ill ever get over my love affair with camera photos.  There is just something about so simplistically perfect about them.  See those cookies below?  Ive been eating them by the handful everyday!  Somebody stop me!  Today I am allowing myself to take it easy.  Ill still be working, but at my own pace.  

Today is the last day Ill be accepting sponsor submissions, which also means I need all of the info submitted by today as well.  Next month is going to be off the hook with sponsors and giveaways!  And today is also the last day to enter all 3 giveaways going on!  You can click on the images to your right under the giveaway section to go to each giveaway to enter.  Ill be announcing winners at the beginning of November. 

1.packages  2.mantel  3.bella made a tissue paper bed  4.james and violet kissing 
5.jonny on his birthday  6.converse  7.cute pup  8.driving  10.cookies

Since I have been so booked up with work this month, I have yet to even think about Halloween... so out of character.  So I now have approx 30 hours to figure it out!  Yikes!  Wish me luck!