Feathers and pumpkins >>>

Reasons why I love living in a small town... Yesterday James and I had haircut appointments. As we drive into town, we pass a bar with three horses tied to fence posts while there owners are in the bar (at noon). Then our hairstylist gives me a huge bag of feathers that she picked off her own land because she has turkeys and peacocks running around on it. LOVE it! Some of the feathers she gave me blow my mind. Look at that huge one below, it is insanely big! And I adore the large white spotted ones, Ive never seen them like that. I was so honored to put these feathers in my old bottles on my mantle. 

These little pumpkins are the ones we got the other day for Violet, Bella and Nico.  They are just so stinkin cute.  I havent decided what Im going to do with them just yet.  I wish so badly we could do a photoshoot with all three of them together with the pumpkins!  How cute would that be???  I cant wait to go to the pumpkin patch and pick out some pumpkins for us. 

Bella thinks that every little spot in the house is hers.  And quite honestly, it is.  She rules the roost around here.  I love the bottom photo, it almost looks like she has a little indian headress on...

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