Guest Post - Lune Vintage - Feather Magnet DIY >>>

First off, congratulations to Laura of Violet Bella on the launch of her line Roots & Feathers. I was happy to be asked to guest post on Laura's blog, since her vibe is real easy to dig. And, since I have a thing for feathers too - this tutorial seemed like a perfect fit.

This one is quick and easy, but gives a really satisfying result. All you need is some loose feathers, a wooden clothes pin, a small amount of super glue and adhesive magnet strips.

Choose your feathers, deciding on their position from largest to smallest. I used 3 feathers in this example. With each feather, apply a strip of super glue and press firmly with your feather in place. The top feather (or last to glue) should be positioned closer to the tip of the pin, allowing the quill to hang over the edge. Once your glue is dry, snip the quill with sharp scissors. Apply the magnet strip, either with it's adhesive back or with a bit more glue.

 I used mine to display an old map I pulled from a book (air from Cairo) and some pressed flowers I saved from our trip to South Dakota this summer. This simple idea is easy to make, so make a few and adorn a fridge, magnet board, metal door or desk with beautiful feathers.

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