A love affair with Diane Sagnier >>>

I have fallen madly in love with photographer Diane Sagnier, from the moment I first saw her pinned on Pinterest, to scouring through her albums of photos online on flickr and her blog.  Her dreamy, earthy images bring me back to my core love of photography.  I have not felt as inspired from another photographer since my deep love affair with Lara Jade....  I love the grassroots vibe and the free flowing movement of Diane's work.  You can tell where her art comes from, her soul.  Simply gorgeous, I just had to share.  She also makes fun music you can listen to here.

She also recently appeared in her friends, Camille Marotte & Günther Gheeraert's video called Your Garden.  You can view her post about it here.

Your.garden from Camille Marotte on Vimeo.