Peices of home in photos >>>

Random bits of home and life.  I miss sharing these posts, it seems like its been a while.  Ive been so busy lately, its been harder to remember to take photos throughout my days.  While I was photographing jewelry the other day, I took a moment to take some black and white photos.  I almost forgot how much I love them!  And I just love this photo of Bella on the rug, her eyes are the same color as the rug!!!  The curtain below was my mom's curtain in one of her houses when she was a young adult.  I love it.  And in the photo of me, Im wearing my PPP bell sleeve top. 

Today we are attending a very important baby shower!  James brother is having a little baby soon and we are so excited!  I will now be an auntie to two little boys!  Its about time James and I make a little girl for our family, its turning into all boys!!!  

Last night was the night we were suppose to go see Rocky Votolato play in austin.  But we both decided against it b/c it was at 10:30, which would put us home at around 4 am... We are too old for that, ha ha!  Im glad we didnt, b/c I ended up having a headache anyway.  James still surprised me with an invite to go out to dinner, so we went to our local wine bar and had yummy sandwiches.  Im already drooling over my leftovers in the fridge!  And its always a double plus when we go there b/c one of our best friends is the cook, so we got to chat with him for a while!  

On a side not, there are all new sponsors up on the blog today!  Go check these girls out - you may just find a new friend or something you cant live without :)

Oh, and I made a new treasury this morning called MODERN ROMANCE.