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Over the weekend we went to one of our favorite coffee shops since we had to run a few errands.  I always love having an excuse to go get coffee at a special place.  While getting dressed I can across this cute plaid headband I had forgotten about!  Its super cute and reversable, the other side has vintage flowers.  Its been so long since I got it, I honestly dont remember where its from.  And since I got my new glasses from, I have not taken them off.  Im pretty much in love.  I wore my favorite Skyline Fever tank, my favorite yellow cords from Threadsence, a necklace from my Roots and Feathers shop and of course my thrifted mocs.  With a little green cardi I picked up at goodwill. 

If anyone is looking to get some new glasses, if you buy them from my refer a friend link youll get $30 off your first pair!

I love it when we are both wearing our glasses!  James just got new glasses recently too, and I adore them on him.  He picked out the perfect ones for himself!!  So so cute this boy is!

Today, I am diligently working on getting orders out.  Its seems as soon as I get caught up, they flood back in!  Which is truly amazing, but keeping me on my toes for sure.  I cant believe today is the last day of the month!  Holy moly!  Its been a busy busy week with work, then tomorrow, the dentist (yuck) and the next day court (yuck)!  Court is for stuff with my daddy's property, dont worry, I didnt get in trouble :)  

A little reminder, anyone who has signed up to be a sponsor in December, please make sure you have sent me all your info by today!  And if you are interested in signing up, today is the last day to get it all in, email me at violet_bella (at) hotmail (dot) com.

I have one more special giveaway coming up later today!!!  Check out the other ones if you havent already, some pretty good stuff just in time for Xmas!