Daily Threads - Layers >>>

Can I just say, Ive been loving my Modcloth sweater! Ive been layering it with everything lately. Simply one of my favorite colors.  Almost everytime I have styled this cream chiffon dress James got me from Urban Outfitters a few years back, I end up loving the outfit.  The little pop of pretty just makes me feel nice.  I love dressing in the fall/winter time.  I love layering and I love tights.  I could wear tights just about everyday!  Or should I say leggings, whatever, I love them.  And my Blowfish boots just seem to go with everything!  Today is the last day to enter the Blowfish giveaway to win a pair of any Blowfish shoes of your choice!!!  Ill be announcing the winner in the next day or so.  <<< if you havent noticed, yes this girl loves clothes. :)

Ill be back later with why I had such an awesome day yesterday!  I wanted to pee my pants with excitement almost all day!