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On thursday James had his doctor appointment with a new neurologist since his old one retired. We were very nervous about this, one b/c we loved his old doctor and just knew he couldnt be replaced, and two you never know what might change. For those of you who read the post about his meds awhile back and are wondering what happened with it all... We are still in limbo but its looking very good. He has been on the generic now for about 5 weeks or so and has been doing fine. There has been a bit more fatigue, stuttering and confusion, but its hard to say if its the meds or his stress. We ended up LOVING his new doctor. She is a gem from what we can tell. Super thorough, very sweet and seemed to have alot of previous experience with patients on this particular drug. We are about to get his blood levels tested to really be able to tell if the medicine is doing what it is suppose to, then we can rest assured from there. If so, not only will we not have to worry about the drug going up to $800 a month, we wont even have to pay the usual $65 a month, it will only be $5! Hallelujah!  We should know all of this within the next 2 weeks. 

And for those of you just dying to know what I wore to the doctor's office, ha ha, here ya go!  I snagged this shirt from James' shop.  Its one of the first ones we made and no one has bought it yet, so, well its mine now!  You snooze you lose!  I was so excited its was cold enough outside to finally wear my knitted scarf I got as a gift a while back from the lovely Tiffany of That Girl Crochet.  She picked the perfect color for me!

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glasses - GlassesUSA.com // knitted cowl - That Girl Crochet // cardigan - goodwill
striped tunic - Skyline Fever // leggings - walmart // socks - target // boots - Blowfish