Light Leaks >>>

Im kind of in love with playing with the filters on my phone.  I found a combination of settings that I just adore the outcome of, and took a bajillion photos around my house.  So many that I decided to do a little mini series of them here on the blog.  I love how some of them you can barely tell what the item is.  Like tiny little dream-state glimpses of the world around you.  Instead of explaining each photo like I usually do, Ill leave it up to your imagination.

I have a little time to myself right now.  Im done with my shipping for the day, James is at his parents, so Im going to spend the next hour listening to some readings done by my lovely friend Julie, and soak it all in.  We are having homeade tamales for dinner!  James ex girlfriend's grandparents make them.  They are in their 90's!  This is the last year they will be making them, so Im going to savor every bite!