A Music Room for my Love >>>

Soooo....  The reason I was so excited yesterday was because I surprised James with his very own music room!  While he was out shopping with his friend, I tore down my entire sewing room (which was major) and turned it into a music studio for him.  I cant believe I pulled it off!  I was literally jumping up and down all over the house right before he came home, overjoyed with excitement.  So he got his xmas early!  The two things I bought him were the Crosley record player and an Orange amp.  So the room thing was a whole extra thought to surprise him with those things.  A bit better than just unwrapping from under the tree???  I think so :)  Needless to say, he was very excited, and pretty shocked!  He has supported me so much in my ventures of art and business... I want him to feel supported as well to be creative.  Music is his biggest love, so now he can write his little heart out in his very own space.  The area is also now big enough for me to do yoga in and chill out and listen to vinyls...  I told him I might not get very much done now while he is at work... He might come home to find me laying on the floor listening to music!!!

 Doing this redo totally inspired me... Today I redid our whole bedroom while James went to his parents house.  It is soooo cozy now!  I took some pics of both rooms with my real camera, so Ill share later.  I actually have to do some work tonite... Have to package up orders that came in friday after I did my shipping.