Pinterest Inspiration >>>

Its been a very long time since Ive posted a simple inspiration post!  Oh how I miss it!  Here are a few things Ive been drooling over lately.  If you want more, just follow me on pinterest.

 <<< starry string lights - these need to get in my house >>>

<<< beautiful photograph and equally beautiful hair >>>

 <<< lovely vinyl photo - simply one of my favorite things >>>

<<< one of the prettiest tattoos ive seen - im currently designing my next >>>

 <<< darling photo by Rockie Nolan >>>

<<< this porch makes me crave and daydream our one day porch - found via >>>

<<< amazing outfit by PeekoApparel - one of my favorite etsy shops >>>

 <<< stunning stunning dress by Zara >>>

 <<< autumn loving outfit by Ashlei on lookbook >>>

<<< stunning photos of Kristina from lookbook >>>

<<< my love, Neil Young and his banjo >>>

Out on the Weekend by Neil Young on Grooveshark
Borrowed Tune by Neil Young on Grooveshark