Courage - A New Year Ahead >>>

Blessings and Gratitude to a NEW YEAR!  Funny how the world works sometimes, the fact that it is a new year during my deepest time of transition and new beginnings.  I feel like my mom has sent me a few angels in the past few months, to fluff my feathers and prepare me on my new journey of flight.  I have been too afraid to really delve into my emotions of losing my dad, and Im slowly becoming ready to face the darkness.  I keep reminding myself of the lovely quote:
*found via pinterest here*

As I was reading the words of my friends blog post about her mission of doing brave things and having her yearly word be 'unafraid' - I realized I am right there with her.  I felt her words resonate within me, as if I was suppose to be reading them.  I love that we can do that for each other here in this online community.  Im looking forward to taking the winter course with SouLodge, and spending more quality time with my own heart.  Right now I feel as if I am gathering all the sticks and remnants I will need to keep my fires burning through the winter, until the sun decides to come out re-grow the things that have died from the year past. 

New month, there are all new lovely sponsors up on the blog, spend some time to check them out if you wish.  And I also made my first treasury of the year this morning!