CSNY Threads >>>

Yesterday's outfit was full of some of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe.  This golden crochet fringe cardigan is just about my new favorite piece.  The moment I saw it, it just screamed my name.  Nanna, this is another piece I got with my giftcard :)  My custom CSNY dress from PPP is pretty stellar if I say so myself.  I searched for this shirt to revamp for a long time.  I found it on ebay as a mens xxxl and it made the perfect dress.  If anyone EVER comes across this vintage shirt as a regular small size PLEASE let me know.  Id probably wear it everyday of my life.  And I could pair just about anything with these blue velvet pants from Threadsence.  They have completely filled the shoes of the bellbottom ones I had in junior high/high school.  As you can see, these Blowfish flats go with just about any outfit on the block!  The lovely red and teal tassel earrings came from Rachel of La Belle Vie.  So darling!  And the braided leather bracelets are from my collection from Flourish Leather.
We spent the afternoon yesterday picking up a rental car.  My boy had two deer run into his car on the way to work the other morning.  Yes, they ran into him!  It happens out here in the hillcountry.  I knew a girl who on two separate occasions had a deer jump off a cliff area onto her car!  Or at least she said so.  Sounds like an exaggeration to me, but honestly something I could see really happening.  Today, Im playing catch up from the past two days.  Time to get my butt to work!  Here is some of CSNY for you to listen to.  Not as great as listening to them on vinyl, but better than nothin!