One Day at a Time >>>

Week one of the new year down.  Id say it was a good start, releasing my new lookbook and collection for Roots and Feathers.  And we launched our new design for Skyline Fever, and are hoping to raise money and awareness for a good cause through it.  (Thank you to those of you who left suggestions, Im looking into all of them).  I spent this weekend getting mostly caught up on custom orders.  I went to my first garage sale in almost a year I think and saw my bestie!  I did some yoga today, and cleaned some house.   And Ive read a bunch of Wayne Dyer's Your Sacred Self and Im thoroughly enjoying it.  

Im beginning to feel a bit sluggish after all of that.  Realizing still the things I must accomplish soon, I feel myself growing tired just thinking about it.  One. day. at. a. time.