Pieces of Home - Instagram Style >>>

For those of you who follow me on Instagram youve already seen all of these images. But those who dont, I thought Id share them here, kind of a little recap of things throughout this week >>>
Most excitingly I created and launched a new Roots and Feathers website hub.  A central place where you can easily find links to everywhere we are online.  I love it!  

I had some yummy meals.  Getting back on my good eats train.  This one was wild rice, carrots and a spinach salad with grapes and feta cheese and hibiscus dressing.

Broke out my Blind Melon albums to listen.  They were the first band I learned every song in and out to on my cassette player headphones in 4th grade.  I remember laying on the living room floor just blaring it in my headphones and memorizing every word.  The second album I did that with was Counting Crows.  I remember sitting on the bathroom sink devouring every lyric while singing along.  My musical journey really started there I think.

I gathered sticks and stones from the woods.  You can read more on that post here.

I got a book from my friend Julie, The Sacred Tree, and read the whole thing before bed one night.  Great simple explanation of the medicine wheel.  For the first time in a long time, I devoured the words like a child learning about bugs, or something like that.

Just a pretty pic of some wrapping paper I got at World Market.  Little things like make my heart happy happy!

There were two days this week that Violet wanted back in after going potty in the morning.  She snuggled up in bed almost all day.  It was precious.  Bellas window is by the bed, so she just laid there staring out the window.

A piece of my little window bunting.  I did a diy on this a while back, you can see that here.

Lately Ive been called upon by the Blue Jay in a big way.  I have been seeing them and the words 'bluejay' everywhere I go.  Im listening.

Found this old wine cork in my backroom and it reminded me of my daddy, Tim.  Going to incorporate in one of my Soulodge projects I think.

Wore one of my PPP dresses for the first time in a long time!  I love my bambi dress :)  So so sweet.

My new Roots and Feathers postcards came in the mail!  Along with James new Skyline Fever business cards!  Love little stuff like this.  I used images from my newest lookbook.

I hooped everyday this week.  Even if it was just for 5 minutes.  This is a pic of me feeling happy resting on the deck after doing so.

Snapped a pic of James and Violet snuggling in James music room.  So sweet.  Violet gives the best snuggles.