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Since this is Self Love month, Im excited for this little pampering giveaway!  Michelle from Cosmic Bath & Beauty is giving away one All Natural Bless My Face Clay Facial Mask Set.  Read below to find out a bit more about this natural yumminess for your face...
Set includes:
* 1oz of French Green Clay
* 2oz Spray Bottle of Lavender Floral Water Toner {also available with rose or neroli floral water}
* Weekly Facial Mask Use Instructions
*Packaged in a Muslin Bag

Natural clays contain minerals that are great for the skin. Clay facial masks are a natural way to cleanse, detoxify, exfoliate, heal, soothe & tone skin as well as increase blood flow.

This is a dry clay that you must mix before each use. By packaging in this manner we not only extend the shelf life for you but no preservatives of any sort are needed so you get pure natural goodness to use on your skin. Please discard any mask leftover after use and mix up a fresh batch each and every time.

To use, begin mixing clay with floral water or other liquid of choice. Apply to skin with a light touch using your fingers or a clean cosmetic brush and wait... As the mask dry's you'll begin to feel a tightening & pulling on the skin, your mask is pulling all of those impurities and dead skin cells with it. Remove the clay by washing off with warm water. When you do this, you are also washing away all that old oil & dirt that was buried deep in your pores and you wash away all that dried dead skin that may have built up. This leaves your skin fresh & clean, your pores can now tighten up, giving your face a smoother appearance. After completely rinsing, follow up with Rose Floral Water toner {included} and moisturize with your Cosmic Precious Golden Facial Oil .

Lavender Floral Water is reviving for your face, you'll find that this light and delightful smelling astringent immediately refreshes. Suitable for all skin types and ages, especially sensitive or irritated skin. Spray on your face & body after showering. This calming lavender hydrosol also eases nervousness & relaxes your mind.

Use no more than once per week for healthy beautiful skin. Enjoy!

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