Nourishment for my soul >>>

 Just some randomness from my days...  Miss Violet has been a dirty pup from the rain.  She is so darn cute.  She is enjoying the cool breeze on the porch this morning.

 I have been smitten with the robin's this year.  They have just covered our backyard.  Its been hard to snap good pics of them but I got a few kind of decent ones.  They are beckoning the beautiful spring on.  

 One of my favorite simple breakfast feasts is this below... some grapes (or other fruit), peanut butter toast, and my liquid vitamins in juice.  Just right.  Yum.

 The other day before I did my crazy yard work, I spent a bit of time welcoming the spirit of all that was around me in.  And did some releasing as well before that.  Its hard to tell just how big this sage bundle is from the pics, but its HUGE.  I lit the end of it, and totally over estimated this bad girl.  She began smoking so much it looked like my backyard was on fire, ha ha.  It was hilarious!

 I love this feather wand, it was my mom's.  In due time, Ill be making my own for my one of my Soulodge crafts.  Im going to use one of the large turkey feathers my mom collected forever ago.  I have a few that I have carefully preserved, just as she did for most of my life.  Im so very behind on working through the lodge, but I have decided to just take it at my own pace regardless.  I must not force these things.

Yesterday James and I watched The Shift by Wayne Dyer.  It was very uplifting and insightful, and explained so much of what has been going on inside of me over these last few months.  And pointed on so much of the things Ive been reading in his books as well.  Sometimes its easier for me to understand when its spoken to me as opposed to reading it.  Im so glad James loved it too.  We even had discussions from it before bed.  I love that we have been able to open up together in these ways even though we are both on very different parts of our path.  Its been a beautiful thing for our marriage.  We both have different spiritual outlooks, but we hold respect for each other in them and never push or banter the other in those ways.  I think we are both going through our own shifts right now, for sure.