A Budding Garden >>>

 Ive been wanting to get my garden started for months now... and its finally happening!  I didnt get everything I wanted, but for now, Im happy.  Ill slowly add to it as I can.  I got lots of tomatoes, bell peppers, rainbow chard, strawberries, basil, oregano, lavender, sage, naturtiums, hibiscus and some pretty flowers.  I also rearranged a bit and put some new bird seed planters out.  It felt so good to get my hands in the dirt yesterday.  

And today, I knocked out the majority of my taxes!!!  Just a few odds and ends to complete, and waiting on a few numbers.  Im sure Im forgetting more than I think though, I always do.  Taxes are not my forte.  But I can see over the horizon now...  It feels good.  Oh, and James and his friend went to his parents river and dug up some awesome river rocks and brought them back and made a firepit in our backyard!  Im super excited to have some bonfires.  Even though winter is behind us, well still roast marshmallows in the summertime!!!  Its officially bbq season.