Campfire Texas >>>

Ahhhh, last night we broke in our new firepit. It was exactly what I needed.  I love it so much.  It ended up being just the perfect little pit.  Big big thanks to James and Joey for putting in it.  We welcomed James parents over last night to break it in with us, and they brought our nephew Travis, so he had his first bonfire!  Bella really enjoyed it.  She hung out by it most of the night.  The moon was so beautiful, a sliver with a hazy circle around it, with the bright planets shining right next it.  It was magical.  The subtle breeze in the air was perfect.  It was just what my soul needed.  I smell like campfire this morning which is just about my favorite smell in the whole world.  And I have a tummy ache this morning, ha ha!  I ate two hotdogs, 5 roasted marshmallows and two beers.  As I was eating them I said it was either a recipe for a tummy ache or a migraine... Ill take the tummy ache any day over the migraine! 

Above are just two more pics of my pretty flowers on the porch.  I just love looking at them.  Its amazing what flowers do for your soul.  Just simply by being.