Softspoken Collaboration - Part 1 >>>

A while back I worked on a photoshoot collaboration with Softspoken. I wanted to wait until she had a chance to upload the images to her shop before posting them. You can now find a few floating around in her listings! I adore her work, so very well made, and just the whole vibe of her company stands out to me from the sea of crochet artists. I just totally dig her. I did about 8 different styles, so there are way too many images to share all at once... So I decided to break it up into a few of my favorites from each style in different posts. This was one of my favorite styles from the shoot. 

Im currently working on a new collaboration with another artist, along with designing an actual lookbook, I cant wait to share!  And Im not spilling any beans, but I have a HUGE collaborative photo project Ill be working on in the background, Im so excited I could just burst.  Im hoping my dream really comes to fruition with this one!