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Last saturday was my friend's wedding. I got all dressed and ready to go and even took my outfit pics, and then James came home from work sick that day, so we ended up not going. And by that evening is when my own sickies began, that Im still battling.  This was also the first outfit post with my new hair cut, I got bangs!  And I redid my color, its a little more dramatic that before.  Its been a while since Ive had bangs... I have a love/hate relationship with them.  One day I love them, one day I hate them.  But, they are easy to grow out so I took the chance.  Oh, and I even curled my hair!  *Sorry the image quality is so poor on these shots*

<<< outfit details >>>
velvet dress // Red Velvet
crochet vest // Forever 21
belt // Gypsy Warrior
leggings // target
boots // Blowfish Shoes
necklace // Roots and Feathers
bracelet // Spiral Drift