Threads - Ruby >>>

 This gorgeous ruby silk top was my mom's from forever ago.  Im so glad I kept it all these years.  I actually didnt realize how much I loved until I wore it again for the first time in a longgggggg time the other day.  The color was perfect with my new lipstick addiction.  I wore it with my favorite wide leg jeans, my mom's sandals, and old garage sale belt, a new Roots and Feathers necklace and some brass accessories.  Im very excited about some of the new designs for my shop, but just havent had the time yet to do a photoshoot of them.  So Ill just tease you here on the blog for a while :)  

Today Im working on rejuvenating my mind, soul and home...  Ive done some deep spring cleaning with all of my windows open.  No music, just the birds.  Quiet time can be good for the soul, even if you are still busy doing other things.  That being said, I skipped my morning yoga class.  Part of me wished I hadnt, but then I wouldnt of gotten anything done around the house this morning, and I think I needed that more than yoga this morning.  Maybe this evening Ill wind down with some stretching.  

Getting the better part of my taxes done yesterday was a much needed relief.  My mountain is getting a little easier to climb.  And my head already feels a bit clearer getting my spaces cleaned up.  My computer desk and shipping desk were a wreck, as well as the rest of the house... So, if I can just keep this slow steady climb towards finishing each of these big goals I think Ill be okay!  I really need some calmness and clarity right now... my blue moods have been affecting my relationship with my boy and that is never good.  Youde think I was pregnant with some of the moods that have popped out of my as of late!  Geeezzz....