Instagram Love >>>

Some random images from the past few weeks through my Instagram.  I dont think Ill ever stop loving my ipod, just for these photos. 

It was a pretty eventful few days this weekend.  Friday I spent the evening with my bestie.  We were just going to stay in with the kids, but her mom took them for the evening, so after she made us some yummy salmon salads, we headed out to meet a friend in town and watch a local band.  I enjoyed my time with my bestie and Im already jonesing for more of her.  

Then saturday we met some friends and went to the Dave Ramsey conference.  James and I have been listening to Dave for a while now.  For those of you who dont know, he is a financial counselor on the radio.  He has been the driving force behind us taking control of our money, and being able to buy our first home.  Hes been a huge influence on us, and honestly without him, I think wede be seriously lost!  I highly recommend his theories.  So needless to say, it was soooo awesome to see him live, he is so fired up!  We have some fresh excitement now about tackling our goals for saving up for a car, along with so many other goals!  Im very happy our friends got to see him too, and became just as excited.  As much as money is a love/hate relationship for so many of us, there really are simple old school ways of easily taking back control of your life with it.  And it not only affects the things you can buy, but money affects so many other areas of your life... Even those of you who are good with your money, I think you can still learn so much from Dave!  

After that, I spent the night with my Nanna, and most of the next day.  We did what we always do... sit and talk, and simply enjoy each other.  I feel blessed with every moment I get to spend with my Nanna.  She is one of my biggest soul mates, we just get each other.  I love her sooooooo much!

Now, Im back at home and back at work!