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Here is the second outfit shoot done by my hubby! Im realizing I smile alot more, but mostly b/c Im nervous I think. Im teaching him how to take certain shots, like close ups. Before you know it, hell be a pro! Im also noticing that as spring has blossomed, so has the color in my wardrobe! All of a sudden Ive felt like breaking out my more colorful pieces. This adorable lavender tee is the newest set for Skyline Fever. I still need to finish photographing them for the shop! I loved the color combo so much I had to snag one. I think I now have snagged 5 flowerchild shirts, eeek!  The skirt is actually a dress, you know one of those simple ruched tube top dresses.  I couldnt believe how perfect this belt from Gypsy Warrior went with these two pieces.  It picked up just the right colors.  Also, can I say I am over the moon with my new Blowfish sandals.  These ones are called the Gypsies.  They also just stocked some of the most fabulous shoes I have seen to date in their shop!  Gooooo look!  It makes my heart race just looking at them.  I really can be a nerd over clothes.  Sometimes I wish I didnt love them so much, but goodness I do.  I love how an article of clothing can make you feel just so you.  For as long as I can remember, Ive been a bit obsessed with clothes. Its a weakness of mine.

These lovely earrings above are from La Belle Vie.  I love the simple hand forged look of them.  My rings are from my shop, Maie Dae and a sweet gifted one from a friend.  Oh, and I tied some vintage trim into my braid.

Im very excited for tomorrow.  I get to see my bestie and her twin sister (who was my bestie in junior high) who now lives in california.  So looking forward to it.