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 Girl... you'll be a woman soon...  those Neil Diamond lyrics instantly pop in my head when I think about being a woman...  (and the lovely scene where Uma Thurman dances to it in Pulp Fiction while Urge Overkill covers it)...  Well, this little black dress that you see below, from Lulu' brought this feeling into perspective to me.  There have only been a few times in my life where I really felt like a woman.  I think being only 5' tall, and checkers still always thinking Im 18 years old has a little to do with it.  Every now and then Ill do a lookbook shoot or something like that, and when I see the girl on the computer looking back at me, Ill think she looks like a woman.  Maybe that feeling will really kick in when I bare children?  Or turn 50, ha ha.  Im not sure.  But all that being said... (and not that feeling like a woman really has anything to do with dressing sexy at all)... I found myself having a bit of a hard time b/c this adorable little black dress really does not allow you to hide that side of yourself, unless of course I draped it with a sweater!  Half way through the shoot, I had a little moment within myself.  Realizing Im going to be turning 30 years old in 2 months, I had no reason to not embrace my sexyness and womanhood... Do you ever have a hard time embracing that side of yourself? ...Im sure you will be seeing this dress pop up in a few artistic photoshoots in the future b/c it is just so rad. 

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dress // lulu'
belt + ring // forever21
tights // target
shoes // ebay