Threads - Spring Songbird >>>

Thank you so much for all the love on my last photo post. It meant alot to me since it was such an emotional one for me. It was one of those days where I was not overwhelmed with the kind of sadness that just brings you to tears... but more just missing her and wanting to express that. And the best way I know to express things is through my art. So, thank you. 

This is what I wore the rest of that day.  I love this part of spring, where its hot enough to wear shorts and sandals, but still a bit cool enough to wear layers and not just have your clothes stick to you in the heat.  One of my favorite times of year.  And this kimono top has proven to still be one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe, along with the crochet fringe vest.  I find myself wearing them with so many different things.  Ive been working on some new feather earrings for Roots and Feathers, and this lovely one Im wearing below is already off to a new loving home, and is probably my alltime favorite one so far!  There are two more listed right now, but many more to come.  Ill be spending some time with my Nanna this weekend, so shop updates and work will temporarily be put on hold. (along with blog posts)...

<<< outfit details >>>

kimono + fringe vest + bandeau + ring // forever 21
bathing suit top // upcycled by me
shorts // thrifted
sandals // gift from my bestie
earring // roots and feathers