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First, and foremost, Id like to say thank you so much to everyone who sent me such heartfelt comments on my last post about motherhood.  They all really struck a cord within me.  I left a comment, but I thought Id write it out here too just in case... b/c there were quite a few comments about whether or not I should even have kids, or stating its okay to not have them.  I definitely agree that its not something that everyone needs to do.  I know several adult couples who never had kids and are perfectly happy with that choice... but I should of written in that post that we definitely DO want kids... just are scared.  I really just needed to vent my fears outloud I think.  And honestly, it felt good and took a little weight off.  I know most of the fears are natural... and are only amplified by the emotional loss of my mother.  Id love to get over these hurdles and get to a place of peace with it, which is why I wanted to put it out there.  Im about to be embarking on my 30's, and it seems like a pretty nice time to start the process.  I have watched this idea mold and form through our marriage and I can sense that it is near us, which may just be why the fear has really been kicking in this past year.  Again, thank all of you for your supportive words no matter which way we go with our lives!!!  ...Here are a few more random instagram pics from our week.  My username on instagram is lauramazurek.

I did some rearranging to the house again this week.  My studio was becoming so cluttered I didnt want to step foot in there.  I moved a cabinet out and it made all the difference.  But I had to take my huge painting in my office down to do so... so I must find a spot for it now.  I think Im going to put it over my bed... which is where this dream catcher above was.  Sometimes swapping things out can make so much difference. 

A week or two ago we spent some time out on our friend's ranch.  James played guitar like usual.  One of the only times he randomly jams is with these friends, I love it.

I need to get an outfit post next time I wear this dress, its just soooo amazing!

Ive been really enjoying EntreLeadership by Dave Ramsey.  Alot of it is good old common sense, and actually how I already run my own business, but its really nice to have affirmation on alot of things.  Plus he has such a simple way of breaking things down and making good sense of things.  I actually find myself craving to read it before bed.  Yep, I read about business before bed, geeezzz im a nerd!

So, I know many of you are big fans of my lovely mustard yellow owl that I found at a garage sale for only $2!!!  (no im not selling him...)  I feel like the luckiest girl in the world, b/c I found another one at a garage sale this past weekend for $5!!!  Its even bigger and its brown!!!  I was so excited when I found it buried under a bunch of other stuff.  He was waiting for me!  Its actually so heavy that I cant hang it inside... so he might be my outside watch owl :)

My ever so sweet hubby surprised me with a thistle the other day.  I felt so bad b/c I was on the back porch writing so I didnt hear the door.  But he sat there ringing the doorbell for like 5 minutes so he could surprise me with it!  Obviously it was a joke, and he was so cute when he did give it to me.  He told his friend... "she didnt even put it in water next to the bed!"... ha ha!

My lovely lamp from Atmosphere Lamp Shades.
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Just a silly pic of me when I was sewing the other day.  I was so involved in what I was doing I didnt want to stop and get the pin cushion, and then I just got kind of silly b/c of it, and had to stop and take a pic!

Okay, so anyone who knows us well, knows that James does not like alot of food.  Basically in short, he likes chicken, pasta and bread.  Yep.  So with alot of sweet talking, and hesitation on his part, I fixed us grilled salmon over pasta for dinner, and HE LOVED IT!!!  I couldnt believe it.  He actually asked for it the next day.  Score!

I layed on my deck for just a minute the other day and looked up at the sky.  I saw this one vulture fly by and took a pic... and then about 50 of them literally danced in a beautiful circle above me across the sky.  It was so magnificent to watch.  Living in the country, I see them everywhere, but Ive never seen them dance the way they did that day.  I was in awe.  Amazing creatures.