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Im here today with a sweet spring outfit. Still loving this inbetween seasonal time... before everyone in Texas just wants to start ripping their clothes off b/c its sooo hot!  I got this cute feather dress from my friend's closet sale a while back, I think it is just darling.  

I know Ive had way more outfit posts than usual lately and that I havent had as many 'real' posts, ones where I share my heart about the real stuff in life.  My soul is in a spring season right.  I feel like Im going right along the medicine wheel without even giving any thought to it, just living it.  My mind and hands are very active right now.  I feel like this winter I planted lots of seeds in my soul to keep me on a path of healing, and right now my healing is in doing what I love to the fullest.  Im working behind the scenes passionately on a huge project, one that involves alot of creative energy, alot of people, and one Im just bursting to share with you!  But Im also realizing that great things take time, and although Im usually one to just bust something out when I get on fire and then throw it out there in the world to take as it is... this one is one I want to make sure is just right before I throw it out there.  Its one that wont just affect me, but hopefully tons and tons of people.  So... while you may just being seeing lots of cute outfits, random pics from my phone, and things I eat, ha ha, there is so much more going on in the background.  And honestly, my soul is ever so grateful to be in the state of creation, and not one of just pure longing and searching.  Im setting that aside, and allowing other things to grow, right along with the flowers of spring.  Before we know it, they will all be gone, and will be replaced with burnt grass from the sun shining so brightly.  So while we are in this gentle spring, Im sailing right along with you, mother nature.  So much we can learn from this great healer.
<<< outfit details >>>
dress // from a friend
crochet vest + sheer top // forever 21
belt // ruche
necklace // roots and feathers
bracelet // flourish leather
shoes // blowfish shoes