Beach Waves - How To >>>

I just wanted to visually share how easy it is to create the beach waves that I have been sporting lately.  They come out slightly different everytime depending on how big or how many little buns I do.  The fewer, bigger buns you make, the larger the waves will be, and vice versa for smaller ones.  I have really thin hair, so 5 is pretty much my max.  The idea behind this method is that you dont have to use any harsh heating methods... but it takes time.  Like several hours for your hair to dry while its all curled up.  So, as you can see in step two, I will gently blow dry the curls before I take them all the way out if Im running short on time.  But if I know Im not leaving the house until after 2 or so, I can pin it up in the morning and then its ready to go when I am!
This beautiful organic handmade hemp tee you see above is from O Bella Organics.