Bits & Pieces + Giveaway Winner >>>

1. sunflower in my garden
2. bella laying on her mexican blanket
3. a stepping stone my cousin made for my mom
4. violet chatting with some deer friends
5. wooden door from india
6. mama cardinal eating on my porch
7. flowers from my bestie
8. james playing guitar
9. bella being her beautiful self
10. succulents

Just a few more peeks into my home and daily life.   I never tire of taking photos of little things.  If there was more light in all of my house, Id probably have a million more.

So, today is friday.  My accomplishments so far: packaging two items & going to the po, outfit pics, pedi and mani, and creating a b-day wishlist on pinterest.  Yep.  So far, Id say very un-productive, but hey, its friday right?  Im thinking about spending some quality time with my sewing machine tonite to make some more gypsy tattered flags for the shop, its been too long, and I miss them.  Honestly, deep down inside lately Ive been pretty sad.  It finally came out last night.  I just miss my parents.  I feel like a broken record when I talk about them now.  Like geez... how many times do we have to hear this again?  Its just a feeling that will never go away, and some days (or several days in a row) it comes on stronger than others, and everything is a hairline away from a cry.  But, the only thing I can do is just keep on, everyday.  Do the best I can, and act like they can still see me and hear me.  And know that my love for them will never die.  Death, what a strange thing we have to face in this beautiful life...

To leave things on a happier note, check here to see if you are the winner of the From Under His Feathers giveaway!  Scroll to the bottom of the post to see if its you!  Thank you to everyone who entered!