Geometric Fringed Crop Top DIY by Sincerely Kinsey >>>

Today I am super excited to share with you a fun diy from my sweet pal Kinsey.  If you have not yet visited her blog, you must, like now.  It is full of beautiful diys and equally amazing photography.  You will not be disappointed.  Since its sunday, this would be a great way to spend your afternoon.  Go grab one of your hubby's old plain tees that he never wears...

 Supplies: t shirt, bleach, cardboard, masking tape, scissors.
Pantry Supplies: Something to lay your t shirt on when applying the bleach. I used a large trash bag. 

First, begin by cutting off the sleeves, the hem, and create a lower neckline to have the fit of a cropped tank top. Next, cut out a stencil with the cardboard. I chose a simple wave pattern. You will also want to save some of the cardboard to place inside the shirt so that the bleach doesn't leak through to the other side. Next, tape out a simple design onto the t shirt. Now you're ready to begin the bleaching process. I ended up pouring the bleach into a plastic spray bottle, making it easier to aim where the bleach went. I used a heavy layer of bleach, causing it to seep through the tape a little. You can prevent this by spraying a less bleach and wiping it off the top of the tape with a towel as soon is it has contact. Use the cardboard as an outline and be creative! Once the spraying is complete, let it dry in the sun for a few hours. Once it's dry, fringe the bottom of the crop top. Lastly, rinse and hand wash your shirt. The reason I rinsed and washed it after cutting it was so that the fringe would curl a bit, giving it more of a rough cut look. All finished!  

Thank you Kinsey!