River + Friends = The Good Life >>>

Summertime is finally starting to kick in high gear over here for us. We finally took Violet down to the river by our house for the first time since weve lived here. Last year the drought was so bad you couldn't hardly get in anywhere. But since we have had some nice rain this season, it is still flowing.  She loved it.  Her and her daddy did some rock climbing, and her and I went on a nature hunt walk.  The cliffs are so beautiful down there.  The photo below does not do them justice.  And there are tons of swallows that fly all around there.  I cant wait to one day do a creative photoshoot down there again. 

I am loving my crochet bikini top from Motavations.  I also got a brown triangle style.  Love them both.  You can custom order them in larger sizes, which is what I had to do.  Such a super sweet girl behind this shop!  It makes me so happy when I come across other sellers who not only have quality product, but extremely good customer service and sweetness to go along with it.  She has it!

Yesterday we got together with some friends and went back down to the same river spot.  I didn't take my camera, so I don't have any pics... but goodness I need to invest in a waterproof camera.  All I could think about was taking pictures while I was in the river.  The sun was going down behind us and hitting everyone's hair in just the right way, it was killing me.  Oh, and we rode in the back of the truck down to the river, and the sun was shining through our hair blowing in the wind... I just wanted to capture the moment on video so badly.  Sometimes its almost hard for me to enjoy the moment (although I immensely did)... b/c my brain just sees pictures and light.  So anyway, we splashed around the water for a bit, then we all sat in the water with our beers (with the exception of james of course), and chatted till the sun went behind the cliffs and we all got hungry.  Then we went back to the house and grilled some Adolph burgers with Jonny spice.  The only way to eat a burger.  I know someone is going to ask... so Ill just explain.  Adolph's restaurant is james parents restaurant, and they sell the best burgers.  Our friend Jonny (the sweet boy on the right in the first two pics) created a crazy spice that we put on everything, so we call it Jonny spice.  The best combination in the world.

We listened to some music, grilled burgers, hula hooped, played guitar, sat by the campfire, drank some yummy beer, and just had a hell of a good time.  I love these guys so much.  Its such a good feeling to have friends you can completely be yourself with, all of the time.  I snapped some pics with each of these wonderful souls.  Then I put my camera away and enjoyed the night.